Have we considered what we want our lives to look like right up to our last breath? Do we know how our loved ones would respond to the same question?

As an End-of-Life Doula, I am comfortable with death and dying, as I recognize that all of us will face this eventuality ourselves. In being able to hold up a mirror to my own mortality, I create the space with my clients and their loved ones to explore what “the end” can look like.

Many of these conversations are easy and joyful. Others often find these discussions difficult and challenging. I am of the opinion that putting off until tomorrow what could be important to say today is fraught with future regret.

If you are ready to have a conversation about how an End-of-Life Doula can provide support and facilitate important discussions about the end of life, please call me: Jenna at 978.760.0482  

Published by Jenna Brownson

Early morning writer, mother to four, wife to one, recovering lawyer, End-of-Life Doula.

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