The Services

Initial Consultation: Free

Our initial, 30-minute consultation is offered free of cost.

During the consultation time, we will have a chance to meet one another and have a conversation about the dying person’s desires for End-of-Life Doula services. By the end of our chat, you can decide how I can best support the dying person and their loved ones. 

End-of-Life Wishlist: $300.

This service includes an intensive 90-minute value-honing consultation followed by a 90-minute wishlist-creation consultation and costs $300.00.

For this service, we will have two long conversations when we will deeply explore the dying person’s unique desires about their end-of-life choices and draft a detailed wishlist to share with their loved ones. 

End-of-Life Inventory and Vigil Planning: $1,500.

This service includes a series of six 90-minute sessions and costs $1,500.00.

For this comprehensive service, we will take the time to critically assess the dying person’s goals, visions, and desires concerning the best ways to support and comfort the dying person in the final weeks and days of their human life.

It will be through these thoughtful and thought-provoking conversations that we will be well poised to write the dying person’s vigil plan. The unique vigil plan will specify the “terms and conditions” the dying person establishes to best provide for the dying person’s comfort in the final days of their life.

As we do this work together, the dying person will begin to gain a greater understanding of their life and their legacy. Additionally, the dying person will benefit from exploring their impact–both positive and negative–on the lives of others and be able to come to resolution and peace regarding their life. In finding what has been meaningful, the dying person will be ready to celebrate their human life and leave their loved ones with a sense of completion of purpose.

Each visit will end with a meditation and an opportunity for a personalized guided imagery. These methods are offered to soothe fears and mitigate worry as well as to prepare the dying person for their death.

This service yields peace and clarity in the often emotional and chaotic weeks leading to death. By participating in this service, the dying person feels empowered and bolstered to find meaning and relevance during the final weeks of life.

The Legacy Project: $2,000.

This advanced package includes the services offered in the “End-of-Life Inventory and Vigil Planning” and includes four hours for the development of a Legacy Project. It costs $2,000.00.

Legacy Projects are practical, physical memorials individually designed for the dying person’s loved ones in order for them to have a tangible item in which to connect with the dying person after their.

Each legacy project preserves the memory of the dying person for their loved ones and often serves as a powerful way to discover and memorialize the dying person’s life.

Active Dying: ~$2,500.*

When death is imminent, I will be present at the bedside.

As active dying can last between three (3) and fourteen (14) days–as determined by the physical signs of active dying–the cost for this service can greatly vary.

As there is no way to be sure the length of “active dying,” the cost is a flat fee of $2,500.00 which contemplates a 3-day vigil. If the active dying period is either much shorter or much longer, the flat fee will be pro-rated accordingly.

Post-Death Consultations: $300.

This service includes three 60-miute sessions and costs $300.00.

Loved ones often find benefit in working with an End-of-Life Doula after their loved one has died. I meet with those left in the wake of the death on three occasions: generally, within three days of death, at the three-week mark, and at the six-week mark.

These sessions allow for the loved ones to reflect on the meaningfulness of the death and their participation with it. Also, these sessions provide time to assess the early grieving process and determine if further supports would be helpful.

* To further honor the dying person, I always donate forty percent (40%) of the Active Dying service fee to a charity of the dying person’s choice.

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