About Jenna Brownson

Jenna lives in the woods with her spouse of 24 years, their four children (aged 22, 20, 18, & 16), and the dog that loves her the best.

When she is not serving her clients at the bedside, she mediates conflicts (mostly divorce) and writes novels that will, she hopes, someday be found on bookstore shelves.

Contact me at 978.760.0482

I’m glad you’re here. You might need some assurances to feel ready to work with me. To that end, let me introduce myself –

First and foremost, death does not scare me. In fact, I am fascinated by the fact that death is the only event in each of our lives that each of us will experience. Death is unconcerned about who we are or how we have lived. It waits for each of us.

Given the inevitability of this fact, many of fear death. And many believe that by even discussing it, we’re likely to hasten its arrival. On the contrary, there is tremendous reward in taking the time to consider our lives in deep and meaningful ways, especially in the final weeks and days of our lives.

Dying people need support. End-of-Life Doulas provide a true human service by offering physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

I am trained and experienced in starting “difficult conversations.” My overarching objective in this work is to help my clients come to the end of their lives with a feeling of completion, a preservation of legacy, and a sense of peace.

I received my training with INELDA, International End of Life Doula Association. My extensive reading about the pioneering thinkers in the Death Positive Movement and continuing education with INEDLA provide me with the most recent information about death and dying.

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