About Jenna Brownson, JD

Wife to one, mother to four, attorney, mediator of complex family conflicts, practitioner of Ashtanga yoga, meditation, and the Five Buddhist Precepts, semi-disciplined vegan, teetotaler, avid reader of scholarly philosophical works and narrative non-fiction, writer of novels themed on loyalty and betrayal, and grateful to be living an examined life.

I’m glad you’re here. You might need some assurances to feel ready to work with me. To that end, let me introduce myself –

As an attorney, who has worked with couples in conflict through mediation, I have years of experience witnessing people undergo significant life transformations that force them to redefine their roles and question their very identity. My most successful clients have been the ones who have engaged their intellects, applied some new approaches to problem-solving, and taken a critical look at their values and biases. These experiences of mine have helped to inform my approach to working with people as a Socratic Coach.

In addition to the quick descriptors under my photo, which I hope give you a general feel about how I spend my time and thereby what I find meaningful, it’s important for you to understand that I come to this work of Socratic Coaching after having pulled myself out of a place of complete wreckage and broad uncertainty. In the span of one month’s time, I suffered three heartbreaking losses. My world was flipped upside down, gutted, and set aflame.

Despite my intellectual capacity to deal with even the most complex philosophical argument or legal line of reasoning, I was unable to “out think” my situation. That’s when I surrendered to a wisdom far greater than my own. With complete trust and blind faith, I turned my intellect back to the rigorous study of philosophy.

“Philosophy, at its best, is a passionate commitment to pursuing and embracing the most fundamental truths and insightful perspectives on life.”

The above quote is the very first one in, what I call, my Notebook on Metaphysics. I started preserving ideas like this both for future reference and as a reminder that I wasn’t alone in my struggle: Philosophy could put me onto the Wisest Path. (Hence, the name.)

As I came to a deep understanding of how to live “right-sized” in the world, I discovered that I did not need to abandon myself and reinvent a new person. Instead and with the guidance of great thinkers, such as Kant, Sartre, Buddha, Plato, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and the like, I opened myself up to a reassessment. After taking a true self-inventory, I got to work: challenging my assumptions, questioning my motives, and deflating my ego.

In very practical terms, I am a different person today than I was when I was buried in the shambles of my grief. The substance and quality of that difference is thanks to thousands of hours of reading, reflecting, digesting, and distilling.

And the formula–the “secret sauce” some might say–lies in my curation of this great knowledge and a program to best apply these truths. I have found the Wisest Path for myself, and believe that you, too, can find your Wisest Path. This program is especially for cerebral types who are not living fully enough despite their big brains. This program is for those who have concluded that their attempts to “out think” aren’t working: They are making the same mistakes and stuck in the same ineffective, oftentimes harmful habits.

There is a Wisest Path for us all.

How you choose to construct your path is up to you. I’m a big believer in asking for help, especially on those projects that others have successfully completed or have a particular expertise. (I don’t do my own taxes or dental work. There are skilled people who have the training and expertise to help me with those.)

Let me help you find truth, solace, and commitment in any number of Life’s Six Arenas without the prerequisite of reading thousands of pages of philosophy.

Let me help you find

Your Wisest Path.


Jenna has a unique ability to pose questions from an intuitive place that I cannot get to on my own.  She never leads me to an answer or solution, but finds that critical space of exploration that comes from her vast knowledge and amazing understanding of being human. When I have struggled with personal, professional or family issues, she has been able to bring me to a place of clarity.  Each time I have turned to her for this service, I have left the conversations confident in my ability to make a decision. Jenna has never made the decision-making simple, only teased through the complexity of emotion, nature, spirituality, values, development and world view.  She is non-judgmental and supportive while cluing in to me as a WHOLE person. Whether you’re struggling with marriage, family, finances, professional growth or personal growth, I highly recommend Jenna to guide you through transformative processes in moving forward! ~ Tara

“When I was facing a choice between a known and an unknown, I was paralyzed. I had the sense that I should go down the unknown road, but I couldn’t have done it without Jenna’s help. Her insightful questions helped me come to my own conclusions.” ~ Linda

I happen to be one of “those people” who was sure that I could go it alone. When the day came that I knew I needed guidance, I was so happy to find Jenna. I didn’t want a life coach to tell me what to do. I didn’t think therapy was the best method to help me with the depth of my pursuit. What I needed was another set of thoughts on my life. With Jenna, I kept saying, ‘Wow, I never thought about it quite that way’ and ‘That’s a really good question.’ I’m grateful for my time with Jenna. Socratic Coaching works. ~ Daniel

After only one session with Jenna, I knew that the critical thinking that she fostered and encouraged was the motivating force behind my making some very wise decisions. And since then, I have no regrets. When was the last time anyone could confidently say that?!? ~ Sarah

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