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Have we considered what we want our lives to look like right up to our last breath? Do we know how our loved ones would respond to the same question? As an End-of-Life Doula, I am comfortable with death and dying, as I recognize that all of us will face this eventuality ourselves. In beingContinue reading “Considerations”

Circles of Existence

When looking at something as simple as a mushroom cap, it is easy to awestruck by the beauty contained in nature. The shades of purple and the white markings, which evoke the patterns on a beach-trapped sand dollar, remind us of the variations found in the natural world. Death comes in variations as well. WhenContinue reading “Circles of Existence”

Ghost Pipe Evokes Death

I’ve always been fascinated by things that grow in places where it seems nothing can sustain life. This is especially so in the woods behind my house, where, in damp and shady places, plants and fungi make their appearances by sprouting up through the previous autumn’s rotting, fallen leaves. Ghost pipe fungi are one ofContinue reading “Ghost Pipe Evokes Death”

The Mortal Body

It is hard for many people to imagine their body as a living thing that will some day cease to live. From our earliest memories, most of us can recall the thrill of swinging a little too high, the dizziness from spinning in circles, the exhaustion of a foot race. We are, in so manyContinue reading “The Mortal Body”


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