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Meditating on Death

It is necessary to meditate early, and often, on the art of dying to succeed later in doing it properly just once. Umberto Eco Imagine spending dedicated time actually meditating–both early and often–on the act of dying? That notion, on its face, seems like an exercise in fear and pessimism. Why would anyone take momentsContinue reading “Meditating on Death”

Seasons of Change

The only thing in life that we can be certain of is that all things are impermanent. Nothing ever stays exactly the same. The mere passage of time mandates that the world is in constant flux. While this ever-changing view of reality can be liberating, the inability to predict the future can be unsettling. WhenContinue reading “Seasons of Change”

Beauty in Death

Every autumn, in places where the leave change color, people go out into nature to experience the beauty of the season. Few would say that they had ever considered the changing of summer into fall as a death. The brilliant colors of red, orange, and yellow brighten the landscape even though imminent death is theContinue reading “Beauty in Death”


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