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Even Months Later

While Death Doulas do all of their client work in the months/weeks/days leading up to the client’s death, oftentimes the work continues with the loved ones, many of whom feel a little lost on how to best grieve the loss. In the immediate wake of someone’s passing, there is a lot for the loved onesContinue reading “Even Months Later”

Needed Discussions

Most people do not spend time considering what we want our lives to look like right up to our last breath. Moreover, it is unlikely we know how our loved ones would respond to the same question. As an End-of-Life Doula, I am comfortable discussing death and dying. I recognize that all of us willContinue reading “Needed Discussions”

Repeating Patterns

Nature gives us lots of opportunities to observe multitudes. Whether sand divots on a beach, leaves on a branch, or the mirrored coloration on the wings of a bird or a butterfly, nature reminds us of the wonder of the natural world, while ironically, reminding us of the commonality of life itself. My work asContinue reading “Repeating Patterns”


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