The Six Arenas

Wisest Path’s Socratic Coaching

Focusing on Life’s Six Arenas:

The Body Arena: Our bodies are our very first “home.” How we care for these “homes” directly affects how well we’re able to function in the world. Many of us have struggled for years, even decades, with body image issues that can manifest in a distorted relationship to both food and exercise. Perhaps you have spent significant time in your life asking yourself, “How can I feel whole and healthy in my own skin?” Socratic Coaching can help you to uncover the assumptions behind your current narrative and help you foster a new approach to taking better care of your “home.”

The Educational Arena: The human brain is the greatest invention of nature. Our remarkable cognitive capacity to think, imagine, and create sets us apart from all other sentient beings. But how many times have you wondered, “Am I optimizing my brain?” Your potential to capitalize on your thinking, imagination, and creativity are within your grasp, and Socratic Coaching can help you uncover the vast landscape of your cognitive capacity.

The Spirit Arena: The human spirit is yet another aspect that sets us apart from all other life on this planet. Since the beginning of human time, we have looked outside ourselves for explanations to clarify or justify our presence on Earth. “Why am I here?” has been a perennial inquiry for all human history. Time with a Socratic Coach can help you refine your thoughts about your own spirit and your relationship to the spiritual world.

The Vocational Arena: When we meet someone for the first time, we are asked what we do for work. Vocation serves as a primary marker of who we are and what we value. Many of us spend close to half of our waking time engaged in vocation, leaving many to ask themselves, “Does my work deserve my time?” Working with a Socratic Coach can shed fresh light on the value you bring to your work and the value your work brings to your life.

The Social Arena: Humans are intrinsically attracted to being part of “the group.” Most modern groups are formed organically by where we live, where we work, where we worship, where we recreate, and where we gather. Many of us have struggled to find inclusion, resulting in feelings of isolation and loneliness, asking ourselves, “Is it possible to be my real self and still be appreciated?” The critical analysis and subsequent conclusions available to you through Socratic Coaching can provide you peace of mind in every social grouping.

The Intimate Arena: Human societies endorse intimate partnerships. Much of how we see ourselves and how we are regarded by others is entwined with whom we choose to partner. Coming to clarity on the question of “How can I fully present for my partner and ensure my desire for intimacy is met?” requires a deep look at who we are as intimate and sexual beings and how this identity drives the most important pairing of our adult lives.

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