Shaking Loose Memories

Even though the seasons are changing, and we enter into this time of rest, it is also a time of seasonal death. And yet, there exists a timelessness within this circle of life. The berries on this wintergreen are the promise of future life; they are the legacy of the plant itself.

In working with the dying, there is a unique chance to reflect and prepare. Taking stock of one’s life as it draws to an end can be both difficult and liberating. My clients ask themselves big questions like:

“What was most important in your life?”

“What life lessons have you learned?”

“How do you hope to be remembered?”

They also think through the smaller questions, questions like:

“What makes me strong?”

“What has brought me joy?”

“Who has influenced my life? And how?”

Taking the time to explore these questions, and many others that will organically flow from the above, allows the dying person to frame their life with reflection and honesty.

If you or a loved one is on the path toward death in this season of dying and wish to learn more about creating a legacy, please reach out:

Published by Jenna Brownson

Early morning writer, mother to four, wife to one, recovering lawyer, End-of-Life Doula.

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